Developed by Intelligent Systems, the Wide-Boy 64 (CGB/AGB) is a rather obscure series of adapters similar to the Super Game Boy that was able to play Game Boy games; however, it was only released to the developers and the press and was never released to the public. A device similar to the Super Game Boy and Game Boy Player, the Wide-Boy 64 allows video game developers to play Game Boy Color games on the television screen in a similar fashion as the Game Boy Player does with Game Boy Advance games and the Super Game Boy with original Game Boy games. It also allowed the gaming press to capture screen shots more easily. Like the Super Game Boy and Game Boy Player, the game screen itself is surrounded by a template mimicking the appearance of the portable system. This device was used for final matches at the Pokémon League Summer Training Tour '99. It was not a consumer product as only developers and magazines could purchase one from Nintendo at a cost of $1400 USD a piece. The Canadian children's game show Video & Arcade Top 10 used Wide-Boy 64 adapters so contestants could play Game Boy titles on some later episodes.

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