Konami Corporation (コナミ株式会社 Konami Kabushiki-gaisha?) (TYO: 9766 NYSE: KNM) is a Japanese developer and publisher of numerous toys, trading cards, anime, tokusatsu, slot machines, arcade cabinets and video games. Konami is famous for popular video game series such as Castlevania, Contra, Dance Dance Revolution, Gradius, Frogger, Metal Gear, Pro Evolution Soccer, Silent Hill and Yu-Gi-Oh!. Konami is the fifth-largest gaming company in the world by revenue.[1]

The company was founded in 1969 as a jukebox rental and repair business in Osaka, Japan, by Kagemasa Kōzuki, the still-current chairman and president. The name "Konami" is a conjunction of the names Kagemasa Kozuki (current chairman), Yoshinobu Nakama, and Tatsuo Miyasako.

Konami is currently headquartered in Tokyo and additionally operates health and physical fitness clubs in Japan. Konami also operates United States activities in El Segundo, California for video games and Paradise, Nevada for the casino gaming industry. Its Australian gaming operations are located in Sydney, Australia, and distribution of Konami's games in Australia is handled by Mindscape Australia.

Games Developed By KonamiEdit

Title(s) Year first released Regions released Number of players ESRB/ Genre
Hybrid Heaven1999JP, NA, PAL2 !1–2T/11+Action/Adventure
Castlevania1999JP, NA, PAL1T/11+Adventure/3D Platformer
Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness1999JP, NA, PAL1T/11+Adventure/3D Platformer
Goemon's Great Adventure1998JP, NA, PAL4 !1–4E/3+Adventure/Role Playing
Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon1997JP, NA, PAL1E/11+Adventure/Role Playing
Rakugakids1998JP, PAL2 !1–2—/3+Arcade/2D Fighting
Susume! Taisen Puzzle Dama: Tôkon! Marutama Chô1998JP4 !1–4Arcade/Action/Puzzle
Dance Dance Revolution Disney Dancing Museum2000JP2 !1–2Arcade/Dancing Skills
G.A.S.P!! Fighters' NEXTream1998JP, NA, PAL4 !1–4T/11+Arcade/Fighting
Goemon Mononoke Sugoroku1998JP4 !1–4Board Game/Mini games
Jangô Simulation Mahjong-dô 641998JP1Gambling/Mahjong
Mahjong Master1996JP1Simulation/Gambling
Bottom of the 9th1999NA4 !1–4E/—Sports/Baseball
Jikkyô Powerful Pro Yakyû 20002000JP4 !1–4Sports/Baseball
Jikkyô Powerful Pro Yakyû 41997JP4 !1–4Sports/Baseball
Jikkyô Powerful Pro Yakyû 51998JP4 !1–4Sports/Baseball
Jikkyô Powerful Pro Yakyû 61999JP4 !1–4Sports/Baseball
Jikkyô Powerful Pro Yakyû Basic-ban 20012001JP4 !1–4Sports/Baseball
NBA In The Zone 20002000NA, PAL4 !1–4E/3+Sports/Basketball
NBA In The Zone '981998JP, NA, PAL4 !1–4K-A/3+Sports/Basketball
NBA In The Zone '991999JP, NA, PAL4 !1–4E/3+Sports/Basketball
Jikkyô GI Stable1999JP4 !1–4Sports/Horse Racing
NHL Blades of Steel '991999JP, NA, PAL4 !1–4E/3+Sports/Ice Hockey
International Superstar Soccer 20001999JP, NA, PAL4 !1–4E/3+Sports/Soccer
International Superstar Soccer 641997JP, NA, PAL4 !1–4K-A/3+Sports/Soccer
International Superstar Soccer '981998JP, NA, PAL4 !1–4E/3+Sports/Soccer
Jikkyô J. League: Perfect Striker1996JP4 !1–4Sports/Soccer
International Track & Field 20002000JP, NA, PAL4 !1–4E/3+Sports/Track and Field
Nagano Winter Olympics '981997JP, NA, PAL4 !1–4K-A/3+Sports/Winter Sports