Iguana Entertainment, renamed Acclaim Studios Austin after 1999, was a video game developer operating from 1991 to 2004 in Santa Clara, California, Sunnyvale, California, and Austin, Texas in the USA, and Teesside, England. They were best known for developing the Turok, Aero the Acro-Bat 2, NBA Jam, NFL Quarterback Club, Side Pocket and South Park video games.[1]

Games Developed By Iguana EntertainmentEdit

Title(s) Year first released Publisher Regions released Number of players ESRB/ Genre
Turok 2: Seeds of Evil1998Acclaim EntertainmentJP, NA, PAL4 !1–4M/15+Action/Adventure/3D Shooter
Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion2000Acclaim EntertainmentNA, PAL4 !1–4M/15+Action/Adventure/3D Shooter
Turok: Dinosaur Hunter1997Acclaim EntertainmentJP, NA, PAL1M/15+Action/Adventure/3D Shooter
Turok: Rage Wars1999Acclaim EntertainmentNA, PAL4 !1–4M/15+Action/Adventure/3D Shooter
South Park1998AcclaimNA, PAL4 !1–4M/15+Adventure/3D Shooter
South Park: Chef's Luv Shack1999AcclaimNA, PAL4 !1–4M/15+Game Show
Iggy's Reckin' Balls1998AcclaimJP, NA, PAL4 !1–4E/3+Racing/Battle
NFL Quarterback Club 20001999AcclaimNA, PAL4 !1–4E/3+Sports/American Football
NFL Quarterback Club '981997AcclaimNA, PAL4 !1–4K-A/3+Sports/American Football
NFL Quarterback Club '991998AcclaimNA, PAL4 !1–4E/3+Sports/American Football
NBA Jam 20001999AcclaimNA, PAL4 !1–4E/3+Sports/Basketball
NBA Jam '991998AcclaimNA, PAL4 !1–4E/3+Sports/Basketball
NHL Breakaway '981998AcclaimNA, PAL4 !1–4K-A/3+Sports/Ice Hockey
NHL Breakaway '991998AcclaimNA, PAL4 !1–4E/3+Sports/Ice Hockey
WWF Attitude1999AcclaimNA, PAL4 !1–4T/15+Sports/Wrestling
WWF War Zone1998AcclaimNA, PAL4 !1–4T/15+Sports/Wrestling



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